NoNO Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of common health disorders with unmet needs. NoNO therapeutics programs all stem from novel biological targets with well-characterized mechanisms.


NoNO’s technology stems from fundamental academic research performed by two of its founders – Dr. Michael Tymianski and Dr. Michael Salter. The company’s current focus is on three technologies, each giving rise to preclinical and clinical programs. These are based on the proprietary inhibitors of PSD-95 proteins in synapses of TRPM7 ion channels and of Src-ND2 proteins in neurons. All are novel therapeutic targets for major health disorders.

Intellectual Property

NoNO Inc. has taken an aggressive approach towards the development of a comprehensive, worldwide Intellectual Property portfolio. The company takes a three-tiered approach. First, patents covering the basic biology of a drug target and methods for identification of inhibitors are filed. Second, patents on methods of treating disease(s) using compounds identified using first patent technology are filed. Finally, more specific patents to broaden coverage on therapeutics as they advance, including composition of matter patents, formulation patents, dose range patents, and patents for combined use with other methods or drugs are filed. NoNO Inc. currently has and has >95 patents issued or allowed and ~90 US and national phase patents pending.

Partnering Opportunities

NoNO Inc. is actively pursuing alliances for the development and commercialization of the company’s therapeutic programs. For the NA-1 program, the company is searching for a partner with worldwide development and commercialization expertise.